For businesses large and small, payment processing is a vital and important part of the process. There are a variety of ways to accept payment, with varying pros and cons for both the retailer and the customer. The ability for customers to use fast and convenient forms of payment is imperative, no matter whether you have a brick-and-mortar operation, or you are selling your wares at a farmer’s market. Not only do both retailers and customers want convenient forms of payment, but they also expect them to be safe and secure.

Many businesses in Canada have turned to companies like Digitech Payments, that offer a point of sale payment processing that is safe, convenient, and affordable. Using the basics of economies of scale, they are able to charge lower fees by annually grouping together billions in business transactions. Services like Digitech offer the latest in security solutions, ensuring that payments are protected and always secure. Their fees are reasonable and transparent and they offer a range of convenient point of sale payment solutions that work for a variety of business types.

Essentially, all point of sale means is payments that are processed on the site of the purchase. This is different from the old credit card terminals that could only process certain credit cards and no other form of payment. Anywhere that allows you to pay by debit or credit card uses a point of sale payment processing system. They are not all, however, created equal. Some are more convenient and scalable than others, and some are more affordable and transparent about what you are paying for.

Benefits of using a point of sale system:

  • Safe and secure
  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Transparent
  • A variety of means and tools for accepting payment

With a point of sale payment processing solution, you have options that are scalable to the size of your business. There are a variety of ways of accepting payment, from the ability to turn your tablet or phone into a payment terminal, to state-of-the-art registers for traditional physical retail locations. This means that you have access to convenient and secure payment processing, whether you are selling your wares on the road or at an established retail location.

When it comes to maximizing sales, it cannot be overstressed how important safety and convenience are to both the retailer and customers. Only accepting cash or limited forms of payment can detract from your business. Point of sale payment processing solutions offers an affordable and feasible solution. Using the latest in security technology, they offer a range of means by which customers can safely and easily pay for their purchases. This provides peace of mind for both business owner and customer and allows you to take advantage of potential sales wherever they may happen. Don’t miss anymore selling opportunities because you do not have a convenient means of accepting payment.