digitech-associations-serviceandsupportFor business today, whether small or large, taking advantage of online commerce, often called e-commerce, is incredibly important. The internet has changed so many aspects of our lives – from how we work, live, and shop. As these changes have taken hold, business owners have had to adapt and become more flexible to maintain relevance in the constantly-changing times. With each passing year, more and more people are using the internet for more aspects of their finances. From shopping to paying bills, many people use online payment as their primary means of payment.

This highlights the importance of having a solid online presence, even if you just have a small establishment that mostly just serves your local Canadian community. Even people within small communities often do a lot of their shopping and financial transactions online. Failing to have a good online presence is a surefire way to immediately cut out what could be a large potential customer base. Shopping online is convenient and safe and it is no wonder that so many people prefer doing their shopping from the comfort of their own home or on-the-go for those with busy lifestyles.

Having an online presence and the ability to take online payments is a huge benefit for small-, medium-, and large business owners. Companies like Digitech Payments offer a wide range of sophisticated, convenient, and affordable solutions that will allow you to accept several different forms of payment whether in person, at a fair our festival, or online. These point of sale solutions allow you to offer fast, safe, flexible, and convenient payment options for your customers.

With online payment processing, you can accept orders and payments 24-hours a day, even when your brick-and-mortar establishment is closed for the day. Additionally, online payment processing provides a lot of real-time data that can be invaluable for a business owner. It can also make bookkeeping and other basic compliance reporting simple, negating the need to keep a complex set of paper files for your records. Customers can also access their account, seeing payment history and more, making it a more valuable resource.

The widely varied benefits of online payment processing include:

  • The ability to take a wide range of payment types
  • Instant payment and confirmation
  • Available to customers 24/7
  • Takes advantage of the increased use of the internet for shopping and bill paying
  • Gives customers easy access to payment records
  • Gives business owners an easy and convenient way to keep track of financial and other records

In today’s world where the internet and mobile technology play such a key role in the lives of tens of millions of Canadians, it just makes sense to make your products and services available to them when and where they want it. Having online payment processing solutions provides a safe and convenient way for customers to access your products and services when and where they need them. This means that you miss far fewer potential customers.