Even in the best of times, running a successful business can be a tough challenge. In today’s chaotic work, with Covid-19 changing the way we handle all aspects of our daily life, running a successful business is harder than ever before. Of course, that doesn’t make it impossible. Countless Canadian businesses are coming up with fresh and innovative ways to keep their operations going, while also keeping employees and customers safe.

The coronavirus has changed the way we do so many things in our daily life, from how we work, how our kids learn, and how we get the things we need for our very survival. Retail and other business establishments have moved to curbside pickup or online orders to continue to serve their customers in this time where in-person shopping just isn’t safe or isn’t an option.

Being flexible with how services or products are rendered to customers is a great skill to have at any time as a business owner, but it is especially important when facing unique challenges like our current situation. Being able to maintain your business while providing contact-free service is essential while we all learn to cope with the changing normal that this pandemic has created for us.

Even small businesses are utilizing technology to help them stay afloat and allow them to continue to operate during this pandemic. This is why it is so vital for businesses to have the ability to take remote payments and other means of flexible payment options that allow people to place orders and pay for their products or services without having to physically come into a brick-and-mortar store.

Companies like Digitech Payments provide a wide range of options for businesses small and large that give them flexibility in where and how customers can pay. Point-of-sale solutions like the ability to take mobile payments on a phone or tablet, or the ability to take a variety of remote or online payments, is incredibly useful during these difficult times. Depending on the type and size of your business, you have a ton of different options with a range of price points to meet any budget. You can get customized payment solutions to meet the exact needs of your business and customer base.

Even though our new normal is very different from what we are used to, we all have to learn how to continue with life and business, while keeping ourselves and others safe. For many retail establishments, this has meant that instead of in-store shopping, customers now shop online and either have their order delivered to their home directly or pick it up curbside in front of the store. This means that businesses need the ability to take online payments or remote payments that do not require customers to enter the store. Point-of-sale solutions like online payment portals or card swipers that fit on a cell phone that can easily be brought out curbside are vital to businesses who want to keep their proverbial doors open as we all navigate the unknown future.