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Edmonton, Alberta. As a prosperous city with a thriving economy, Edmonton offers a diverse range of attractions and landmarks for visitors to explore. Digitech Payments is proud to offer tailored payment solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses in the area.

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This city is located in western Canada, a vibrant city with a continental climate that has four distinct seasons. Winter temperatures average around -10°C (14°F) and snow is common, while summers can reach up to 25°C (77°F) with low precipitation. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing in the city’s unique setting, which includes the Canadian Prairies, the North Saskatchewan River Valley, and the world’s largest urban park system. 

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Edmonton’s rich history and cultural identity have been shaped by significant events and milestones, including the founding of Fort Edmonton in 1795, the discovery of oil, railway construction, and wartime contributions. The city also hosts cultural events like the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Heritage Festival, and boasts noteworthy traditions such as the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and K-Days summer festival, reflecting its identity as a diverse and dynamic city.

They offer various transportation options, including High-Level Streetcar, River Valley Adventure Co.’s Segway tours, horse-drawn carriage tours, bike rentals and tours, and walking tours. These allow visitors to explore the city’s sights and attractions in unique and exciting ways. There are popular neighborhoods and areas for visitors to stay in, including downtown, Old Strathcona, Whyte Avenue, West Edmonton, and the University of Alberta area, each with unique attractions such as the ICE District, shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, and cultural attractions near the University. 

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Edmonton’s food scene is diverse and features local specialties such as Alberta beef, poutine, Ukrainian food, bison, and craft beer, which visitors can enjoy at local restaurants, breweries, and taprooms throughout the city. Edmonton hosts several special events and festivals throughout the year, including the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, the Heritage Festival, Ice on Whyte, and K-Days, showcasing music, theater, culture, winter activities, amusement park rides, and more.

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