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Charlottetown, the capital city of Prince Edward Island, Canada, is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a charming and picturesque city. The city boasts a diverse economy that supports a wide range of businesses, including tourism, hospitality, technology, healthcare, education, and government. With a supportive community, skilled workforce, and high quality of life, Charlottetown is an ideal location for businesses looking to grow and thrive.

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As a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, Charlottetown is home to many successful startups and small businesses. For those in need of merchant services and point of sale (POS) systems, Digitech Payments is an excellent provider to connect with. Digitech Payments can give your business the competitive edge it needs in Charlottetown.300 kilometres (185 mi) south of Edmonton, statisticians define the narrow, populated region between these cities as the “Calgary-Edmonton Corridor”. It is the largest Canadian metropolitan area between Toronto and Vancouver.

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Charlottetown’s humid continental climate provides warm summers and cold winters. The average temperature ranges from -7°C (19°F) in January to 20°C (68°F) in July. The city receives an average of 1200 mm (47 in) of precipitation throughout the year, with the most rainfall in the summer.

Charlottetown’s unique landscape is a mix of urban and rural areas surrounded by rolling hills and farmland, with red soil visible throughout the countryside. Visitors can take a scenic drive or visit one of the many farms in the area to explore this unique landscape.

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Charlottetown’s rich history has shaped its identity, including the pivotal Charlottetown Conference of 1864 that brought together representatives from several British colonies and the Confederation Centre of the Arts, a world-class venue promoting arts and culture. Visitors can explore the city’s cultural traditions and celebrations, including the annual Charlottetown Festival and Old Home Week, showcasing the community’s strong sense of tradition and community spirit.

Charlottetown offers visitors various transportation options to explore its scenic waterfront and popular areas like Downtown, Waterfront, North Rustico, Stratford, and Cavendish, each with unique attractions. Visitors must try PEI’s local specialties like fresh lobster, oysters, Cows ice cream, Anne of Green Gables chocolates, and locally grown potatoes. Moreover, the island hosts many events throughout the year like the Charlottetown Festival, PEI Shellfish Festival, and the Cavendish Beach Music Festival.

Charlottetown is a delightful and scenic city, boasting a diverse economy, fascinating history, and distinctive terrain. Take the initial step towards levelling the playing field for your business in Charlottetown by contacting Digitech Payments today.

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